Nov 30 3:07pm PT update - #FallGivingChallenge has officially ended, with $620,000 matched and over $1.9M raised!! Thank you so much to all of the nonprofits and donors who made this movement of generosity possible.

Nov 30 11:44am PT update - Last minute $20k from a generous donor to keep things going a little longer! At this rate, we predict the match pool will be all used up in 2-6 hours.

Nov 24 1:01pm PT update - $75k more added to the pool, thank you! Let's get ready for #GivingTuesday πŸš€

Nov 16 12:52pm PT update - Wow, over $1M for charity has been raised during #FallGivingChallenge so far! We are also please to announce people have added another $50k to the pool. We are seeking additional matching donors to help keep things going all of November, you can donate here or email us.

Nov 5 1:29pm PT update - $100k added to the pool thanks to another matching donor! You too can add to the pool.

Nov 5 10:24am PT update - Currently over 79% of respondents have reported their gift as counterfactual, meaning they would not have donated without and #FallGivingChallenge.

Nov 3 11:13am PT update - Another generous giver, Nic Dahlquist, has contributed $25k! If you'd like to help keep it going, donate to the matching fund here.

Nov 2 8:43pm PT update - Amazing! Givers have rallied in less than 48 hours to unlock nearly $250k in matching. We are thrilled to announce that a generous donor has added an additional $100k into the matching to keep the momentum going! Check out our realtime dashboard for details.

Nov 1 5:35pm PT update - Wow! Overwhelmed and humbled to see all this generosity. We are down to $125k in matching remaining in less than 24 hours, see the realtime dashboard. We are actively exploring expanding #FallGivingChallenge with slightly different terms if the original $250k is all used up this week. Stay tuned!

Every donor matched this November 2021

This November, donations on will be matched up to $100 while funds last! All 501(c)(3) public charities are eligible and automatically enrolled. Let people know that they can donate on to double their donation during the #FallGivingChallenge.

To learn how to amplify your mission and impact to encourage donors to support your nonprofit on, check out our activation toolkit on ways to engage and excite your supporters.

How it Works

A donor can support multiple nonprofits. The first donation they make to each of those nonprofits will be matched 1:1 up to $100. Review the full terms and conditions here.

If you are a donor, starting November 1, support all of your favorite nonprofits on and each donation will be matched up to $100 per nonprofit!

If you are a nonprofit:

1. Claim your nonprofit profile at This optional step will allow you to view donation information in real time.

2. Copy the link to your profile and email it to your donors using our activation toolkit. Share on social media with #FallGivingChallenge, update your link in bio, and create images/videos with #FallGivingChallenge for Instagram with your organization's URL and mission using the below template.

Click here to customize this template

3. Update your website to link to your profile. Continue promoting your work and impact throughout November culminating with #GivingTuesday on November 30.

You can see the amount of matching remaining in real time at the top of this post. By default, we will mail nonprofits checks through our partner Network for Good, see details here.

Matching funds are provided by generous donors who contribute to help amplify grassroots giving. If you would like to contribute to future campaigns like #FallGivingChallenge, you can donate at

No Platform Fees is a nonprofit building accessible giving infrastructure supported entirely by donors including and Gates Foundation; we do not charge any platform fees of our own, and 100% of the matching funds will go to nonprofits.

Payment transaction fees charged by third party vendors will apply. For all donations using a bank account, 100% reaches nonprofits. Other payment methods have varying third party fees, usually 2.2% + $0.30 for Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal and if applicable 2.25% for disbursements through Network for Good. See more details at third party fees.

For questions around the opportunity or if you’re interested in chatting with our team please email us at!

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