Hi, friends; I want to introduce myself and tell you why I am thrilled to join the Every.org team as the new president!

A little bit about me:

I have spent my entire career in the nonprofit sector. My first chapter was as the founder and executive director of Innovation Network (InnoNet), a provider of program evaluation services. It’s a wonderful organization that continues to help individual organizations and entire fields from movements to advocacy efforts measure and improve their efforts.

My second chapter was at the intersection of technology and social impact. I have written four books on the ways that digital tech can better connect organizations and supporters, how to shift from broadcasting messages to being in conversation with people, telling stories, asking for help solving problems, using all of the gifts people have to help serve a cause and solve social problems.

And now, I have the great fortune to begin a third chapter as the president of Every.org!

Every.org brings together all of my passions and experiences in one fantastic platform. We believe wholeheartedly that by making giving easier and more joyful, we can unleash a tidal wave of generosity. We believe that by focusing on creating a deeply relational and meaningful experience for donors that they will continue to give to nonprofits over time. And we believe that digital tech, used well, is the key to unlocking our generosity by connecting us to one another and to causes.

What initially drew me to Every.org was its people, of course. What a great team of really smart, creative, tech savvy social change makers!

And then there’s the platform itself. It’s a brilliant idea to have a nonprofit dedicated to moving every kind of financial capital (banks, cards, stocks, cryptocurrency) to other nonprofits as friction-free as possible. Every.org takes care of all of the paperwork and accounting for accepting donations, particularly crypto and stocks, lifting an enormous burden of time and regulatory risk from organizations. Plus, we do not charge any transaction fees and are not selling products and services. Instead, we are supported by philanthropy and voluntary tips.

But wait, there’s more! ☺

Our mission is to create a more generous world. So, in addition to making it easier to donate, we are going to help nonprofits build stronger relationships with their donors. Imagine that every nonprofit is holding a bucket of donors. Every year, over three quarters of those donors leak out. This creates a frantic, annual process of filling the bucket back up with new donors. At Every.org, we are going to create relational models of fundraising with nonprofits to help increase the donor retention rate. This will be absolutely transformational for nonprofits; it will align with their values of being relational, reduce the frantic requests for donations and, perhaps most importantly, reduce the sky high burnout rate of staff.

As the giving season begins, I want to encourage you (or any nonprofit folks you know) to set up a profile on Every.org to receive donations, and/or to create a personal account and start making donations. It's really easy, and it’s fun!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon about the amazing ways our nonprofit partners are serving people and solving problems. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me at allison@every.org, or find me out in the world sharing stories of the amazing nonprofits and donors connecting via Every.org!